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Akita Nutrition Junior College

So that students may effectively pursue the field of nutrition, various kinds of training rooms are available besides the regular classrooms, computer, and seminar rooms. On the same campus, North Asia University is found with such facilities as cafeteria, library, and a convenience shop that are all shared between the students of both schools. It is possible for all students to have a big circle of friends.

The kitchen is used for cooking practice. Students practice how to handle and prepare various foods.
School Lunch Training Room
This area is used to practice school lunch management. Students study the entire process from creating menus to actual cooking of school lunch. What the students practice cooking is served to students and employees twice a week. The food is very nutritious and is reasonably priced.
Food Science Laboratory
Experiments on foods are conducted in this room. Students learn nutritional values and the processing methods of various foods.
Computer Room
Computers have become an essential tool for dietitians. Room No. 2, where instructions on basic operation are given, has 120 computers. When this room is not in use for instruction, students have free access to the computers so that they may write reports, conduct data searches, or do personal study.
Junior College Administration Office
Certificates of various types are issued at this office. The office is located to the right as you walk in from the entrance.

The 40th Memorial Building

Built to commemorate the school's 40th year, this building houses a cafeteria as well as a miniature supermarket, located in the basement and on the first floor respectively.

Room 271 (Auditorium)
This room seats 400 people and is not only used for regular lectures, but also for various special lecture events.
Lounge Hall
This area is enjoyed as a place of relaxation for students.
The cafeteria has a seating capacity for 300 people. A variety of meals are offered at a low cost. Sosu Katsu Don is one of the many popular items on the menu. Jumbo Ramen is a specialty at the cafeteria at a cost of 1,000 yen; its size provides 5 servings.


The library is a core facility on campus both as an information center and as a place for students to carry out their study and research tasks. At present it houses 168,000 books, covering areas in economics, law, nutrition, as well as other topics. Using a modern search system, one may soon locate a needed book.

Reading Room
Various types of desks are provided to meet student needs, and allow an atmosphere where the student may concentrate and study.
Magazines and newspapers can be read here at any time. Computers for the purpose of information search are also available.

NAU: Economics Wing

Economics classroom are found on the floors 2 thru 4. A convenience store, bulletin boards, ATM, and a revenue stamp machine are found on the 1st floor.

Room 201
This is the largest classroom in the Economics wing and seats 339 students. It is mainly used for liberal education classes.
Computer Rooms
There are two computer rooms, each housing 60 computers. The rooms are equipped with a central monitor, a plasma monitor, and a liquid crystal projector, making it possible for students to gain solid instruction. When the rooms are not in use, students have free access for writing reports, searching for data, or for self-study.
Bulletin Board Corner
All announcements regarding classes and job placement are placed on the bulletin boards. Students must check the boards on a regular basis.
Convenience Store (Y Shop)
Simply called "Y" by the students, this shop plays an essential part in the students' campus life.

NAU: Administration Building

This building contains a Corporate Affairs Office, conference rooms, and teachers' offices. Both large- and medium-sized conference rooms are found on the 3rd floor.

Corporate Affairs Office
The General Affairs Division, Accounting Division, and Comprehensive Planning Division are located on the 1st floor, to the right, as you walk in from the entrance.

NAU: Law Wing

Most law classes are held on the 2nd thru 4th floors of this building. The University Administration Office and a Health Office (Nurse's Station) are located on the 1st floor.

University Administration Office
The Student Support Division, Educational Affairs Division, Admissions & Public Relations Division, and the Employment Support Division are located here.
Room 232
This is the largest classroom in the Law wing. It seats 339 students and is used mainly for liberal education classes.
Simulated Court Room
This room has become a symbol of the Law Faculty. Here, various types of court proceedings are practiced.

Furuta Memorial Auditorium

This hall has a seating capacity for 990 people and is used in such events as entrance ceremonies, commencement exercises, special lectures, and other school events.

Nutrition Junior College Gym

This was built in 2002 and holds 2 volleyball courts, a multi-purpose room and a shower room. The gym is not only used for Junior College gym classes and college sports' team practice, but also for community-level sporting events.

Circle (Club) Building

Sixty-nine rooms, each intended for student-body organizations, sports teams, cultural clubs, research groups, and other special interest groups, are housed in this building. Shower rooms as well as meeting rooms are also found here.

University Gymnasium

This building is equipped with a gym floor the size of two basketball courts. It also contains a training room, Kendo room, and a Judo room, along with locker and shower rooms.

Snow Country Folklore Museum

This museum contains a collection of approximately 2,000 items. Fifty-nine pieces of "work masks" and a "box-shaped boat called Kittsu for junsai picking" have been nationally designated as important tangible cultural assets. Other exhibited items are farming tools, farm clothing, head covers, straw craftwork, shoes, cooking tools, lights, Yabase dolls, padded cloth pictures, charcoal making tools, fishing tools, among other items. It is open to the public and plays an important part in linking our school with the surrounding community.

Inner Court

This area is located at the center of the campus and is a place for relaxation for students.

Campus Map